WinkBeds EcoCloud mattress review, the result of thorough testing

May 27, 2023 0 Comments

Motion transmission: 2/5

Our motion transfer test determines how well this mattress isolates motion by observing what happens to a can of green juice when our tester approaches it. If you share a bed with a partner or a pet, transferring motion can make a big difference to the quality of your sleep. If your partner follows a different sleep schedule or is fussy in their sleep, this in turn can disrupt your sleep. A mattress with good motion isolation can make you feel nothing.

When we tested motion transmission on the EcoCloud mattress, there was motion in the can of green juice. The small movements weren’t too noticeable, but you would definitely feel your partner moving in the bed. If you’re a light sleeper and usually get into bed first (or stay in bed longer), you may want something with a higher motion transfer rating, like the Saatva Latex Hybrid.

Keenness: 5/5

Our team’s Bounce-Back test evaluates how responsive a mattress is and how well it will hold up over time. To test this, we dropped a dumbbell onto the mattress and watched how much it bounced. This gives an idea of ​​how easy it will be to change positions during the night. After the dumbbells settle, we watch how quickly they return to their original shape.

When the dumbbell dropped on the EcoCloud, there wasn’t a ton of bounce. The mattress really absorbed the movement, proving just how soft the four-inch layer of Talalay latex is. The bounce in this mattress comes primarily from its innerspring layer, rather than the latex foam, which is different from other hybrid models we’ve tried. This means that the mattress really has a reliable bounce. When we removed the weight, the mattress returned to its original shape quite quickly. A mattress that takes too long to return to its original shape will sag faster over time and begin to lose support. Our team believes this mattress will hold up well even with overnight use.

Pressure relief: 4/5

To test pressure relief, we test how well the mattress can withstand a load dropped on the bed. Next, our testers lie in various sleeping positions on the mattress. This mattress provides a pleasant pressure relief, especially when you lie on your side. Our testers rated the feel of the mattress around their hips, shoulders and other pressure points. We found that this soft design doesn’t provide a ton of pressure relief for back sleepers, but is great for other positions.

Edge Support: 2/5

If you share a bed with a partner or like to fly starfish, edge support is an especially important factor when choosing a mattress. We tested the edge support of this mattress by having our testers lie on the edge of the EcoCloud in three sleeping positions to see if they felt supported or not. The brand notes that steel coils around the perimeter of the bed help improve edge support. However, the latex foam has a much thinner layer and the overall softness of this mattress means that the edges are not really that firm. In fact, we consider this to be normal edge support, or even slightly below average.

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