Why Your Baby’s Position Matters for an Easier Birth with Anne Gilligan RN, LNC, RPYT

April 5, 2023 0 Comments

If you’ve listened to the podcast a bit, you probably know that I’m incredibly passionate about optimal fetal position. Part of this has to do with my own birth experience, which was going from a very long first labor to a much more efficient second labor. When the baby is better aligned in the body, the birth can be more efficient. So how do we set ourselves and our babies up for this more optimal position and more effective delivery? Well, there are a few things that can be done, today we’re going to dive into something I recently learned about called Gilligan’s Guide.

In today’s episode Yoga Birth babies I’m talking to Anne Gilligan, the creator Gilligan’s Guide and delivery nurse (and prenatal yoga teacher) with 33 years of experience in delivery rooms. Ann explains what a wrong position is and how it affects birth. We will find out why more and more babies these days are in the wrong position (ROT) and how to help this baby to take a more optimal position. We also have a great discussion of inversion practices during pregnancy and Anne’s clinical reasoning for why many inversions are something she leaves out of her prenatal yoga practice. I think you’ll get a lot out of this talk, I’m so excited for you to hear it!

In this episode you will learn:

  • Find out about Ann and how she got started in childbirth.
  • Incorrect position and how it affects childbirth.
  • How Ann perceives the position of the fetus in the medical community.
  • Cardinal movements of the child during the journey through the pelvis.
  • Reasons why more babies have foot rot than in the past.
  • Techniques and tools to address this incorrect position.
  • Gilligan’s Guide, what it involves and how it differs from Spinning Babies.
  • The tools can be used during labor if they notice that labor is delayed.
  • Why are inversions not included in Gilligan’s manual.
  • Childbirth correction course.
  • Risks associated with cesarean section.
  • One last tip/advice Ann would like to give to new and expectant parents.
  • Where to find Ann’s work.

About Ann:

Anne is a maternity nurse with 33 years of experience. She is also a Legal Nurse Consultant, Sexual Assault Nurse, Prenatal Yoga Teacher, and owner of Gilligan’s Guide. She teaches providers, nurses, doulas, and expectant mothers how to prevent, identify, and retrieve a fetus in utero using Gilligan’s Guide.

Contact Anne:

Instagram @gilligansguide

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