Why it matters if your pet is overweight (and what to do about it!)

July 15, 2023 0 Comments

Our pets need food, exercise, and love (not as much as humans!), but it’s important to remember that every pet has different needs. “Your veterinarian is in the best position to guide you in the right approach to managing your pet’s weight to ensure as many happy and healthy years together as possible,” says Karen Shenoy, Chief Veterinary Officer of Hill’s Pet Nutrition US.

Whether your pet is overweight or you’re taking the initiative, all pet parents will benefit from a weight management plan that balances nutrition, exercise, and regular vet checkups. For accurate nutrition, you can count on Hill’s Scientific Diet. From this moment on, regular exercise is essential. Get your dog’s heart rate (and step count) up with daily walks, runs, or swims. Use their favorite fetch and tug of war toys. And for a cat who prefers to nap in the sun? Find attractive toys that will have them running around the living room (nothing beats a white light on the wall). If they are ready for it, try a cat harness and go for a walk.

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