Why exercise is so important for heart health, from MD

June 16, 2023 0 Comments

According to Attia, the benefits of exercise for the heart are simple unquestionably— just like eating vegetables is good for you or how smoking increases your risk of lung cancer. It is almost certain!

“Similarly, if you look at all the indicators associated with longevity, you won’t find one that even falls under the same zip code as very high cardiorespiratory fitness,” he says.

Research supports this claim, showing that participants who participated in moderate to vigorous exercise for 75 to 200 hours per week were more likely to live longer compared to those who did not. Another study shows frequent physical exercises contribute to the health of the cardiovascular system1 by lowering blood pressure, increasing insulin sensitivity and creating a favorable profile of plasma lipoproteins.

And another study found that one or two weekly sessions of moderate-to-vigorous leisure/recreational activity is all it takes to reduce the risk of death2 from cardiovascular disease (40%), cancer (18%) or something else (30%) compared to inactive people. We could go on and on; the link between exercise and longevity is well documented.

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