What you need to know about this month’s Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse

April 20, 2023 0 Comments

If you remember, we had a new moon in Aries at the very beginning of Aries season last month, and now it’s like we’re getting a double dose of that Aries energy. The solar eclipse of the new moon in Aries will occur on April 20 at 12:12 a.m. ET, and as intuitive astrologer Lumi Pelinka tells mindbodygreen, the key will be to let go.

In particular, according to AstroTwins, you can consider this a “turbocharged new beginning” that may require you to leave things behind — whether it’s limiting beliefs, toxic habits, or even relationships. As they explain, “This new moon is a variable solar eclipse, [and] the first to land in the Aries realm since 2015. [It also] begins a new series of eclipses on the Aries-Libra axis that will enhance some of our New and Full Moons until March 29, 2025.”

Remembering that Aries is all about self (identity, image, etc.), and this New Moon comes right at the end of Aries season, Pelinku notes that we’ll feel the accumulation of what’s not working, inspiring us to let it go in order to move forward. And that’s what an eclipse is.

“This is a period where you can be still and really evaluate any new step you need to take in your life or anything you want to take on, because Aries is all about taking charge,” she says. , adding that the general atmosphere of the solar eclipse in Aries will reinforce the theme of becoming more aligned with our higher selves.

To that end, Pelinku explains, Aries also doesn’t care what anyone thinks, and this new moon solar eclipse encourages us to draw on that energy. When it comes to validation, she says, “You have to find it in yourself to get to where you need to be.”

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