What you need to know about the Gemini season 2023, from an astrologer

May 21, 2023 0 Comments

According to Christopher Renstrom, astrologer and author of the book, this year’s Gemini season is off to a fast start Rise and Shine: An Astrological Guide to How You Appear in the World. As he tells mindbodygreen, on the same day the season starts on June 21st, we also have the sun making a smooth trine to Pluto in Aquarius.

“So it’s like a cannon shot, but once it starts, it stops at the Sun-Saturn square on June 28,” he explains, noting that it will be for us (especially youair signs) feeling like we were on a roll only to hit some roadblocks.

But then, when the Sagittarius full moon graces the sky on June 5, we’ll feel a kind of “reaffirmation,” Renstrom says. “The full moon is square Saturn, but then trine Mars, so the full moon is almost like, ‘We’re going to do it anyway, and we just found a way to do it,'” he adds.

On the same day as the full moon, Venus will also enter fiery and dramatic Leo, where she will stay until October 8th. Despite the influence of Leo and the flirtatiousness of Gemini, we all want to have some fun in the sun and romantic sparks. will probably fly.

Renstrom describes Venus as “smoothing out the ruffled feathers” we may have felt in the weeks leading up to this transit, just be aware that the planet of love will go retrograde in July. “Just because it smoothes out ruffled feathers doesn’t mean they’ll stay that way,” he adds.

Speaking of retrogrades, there are two other turns worth noting: Pluto re-enters Capricorn on its retrograde journey on June 11th, and Saturn retrogrades in Pisces on June 17th (the same day as the new moon in Gemini). .

But fear not—retrogrades don’t have to be a bad thing and can give us the perfect opportunity to take a step back and think before moving forward.

“What’s nice about these opposition forces is that they’re rethinking their positions,” Renstrom says, which will force all of us to rethink our own positions as well. “When you have planets that have gone retrograde like this — certainly Pluto going back into Capricorn — it’s going to be a strong revision of things that we thought we were done with,” he adds.

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