What you need to know about Taurus season 2023, from an astrologer

April 19, 2023 0 Comments

This year, Taurus season begins on April 20, just one day before Mercury retrograde begins. With Mercury itself also in the sign of Taurus, intuitive astrologer Lumi Pelinku tells mindbodygreen that we’ll get an extra dose of lessons on Taurus topics like money, self-esteem, beauty and creativity.

And of course, as with any Mercury retrograde, we can expect some setbacks or delays in communication, whether in our relationships, at work, or with our own technology or travel plans. (So ​​make sure you think twice before you say or type!)

Then, when May rolls around, Pelinku notes that Pluto will begin retrograde on May 1st, moving back into Capricorn until it arrives there on June 11th. As she explains, Pluto retrograde represents the big picture of collective themes, and this Pluto retrograde will continue until next January, offering us all a grace period to prepare for a complete change in the structure of society. “Knowing this, we can prepare to keep up with technological trends and use our ability to rethink our processes in life,” says Pelinku.

On May 5th, we have a Lunar Eclipse of the Full Moon in Scorpio, which is sure to be as intense as it is transformative, and two days later, Venus moves into Cancer. According to Pelinku, Venus in Cancer is a sweet and sensual transit that will trigger this need to deepen the connection in relationships, making us more caring, empathetic and sensitive.

Then, near the end of Taurus season, on May 19th we will have a new moon in Taurus. Pelinku notes that this month will sextile Mars in Cancer, adding that this aspect is a powerful time to manifest around themes such as creativity and abundance.

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