What it really means to be a cancer patient + how to thrive

July 25, 2023 0 Comments

Cancer Ascendants are sensitive, sentimental and very attuned to the Moon. According to astrologer Case Budd, MD, they’re also some of the most capricious (and most intuitive) people around, as their ruling planet is the Moon, which of course changes signs about every 2.5 days.

“The sign of the current or transiting Moon determines the quality of the Cancer person’s day,” Budd tells mindbodygreen. For example, they’ll feel more generous during Leo Moon days, more talkative during Gemini Moon days, and more emotional during Pisces Moon days, she explains.

Your rising sign also affects your appearance, Cancer rising faces tend to mimic the moon. “They often have something like a radiant glow, especially on the face. Some of them have round faces like the moon with glowing eyes,” adds Budd.

In terms of their strengths, Cancer risings are extremely compassionate, loving, caring and gentle. Cancer represents the archetypal mother in astrology, so these people have a tendency to care, support others and be kind. “They’re usually good cooks and great at creating a home environment with a sense of comfort and value,” says Budd, adding that they also usually have great memories and love history.

However, given their weaknesses, they may tend to dwell on the past. Budd tells mindbodygreen that it can be hard for them to let go of old loves, heartache, what could have been, and more. “They take things very personally. They feel open and vulnerable easily, and have a low threshold for experiencing what they call “overwhelming,” she adds.

According to Budd, Cancers can also become very attached to people, places, and things, and he notes that they have a strong tendency toward domesticity, which isn’t necessarily a weakness, unless they’re too isolated.

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