What is micellar water? Usage tips + best products

May 6, 2023 0 Comments

The first question is what exactly is micellar water? According to a team of cosmetic chemists and Chemist Confessions founders Gloria Lu and Victoria Fu, “Micellar water is more of a marketing term that encompasses several formats, the main two being a water-based cleansing water and also a fancy name for a bi-phase makeup remover “.

Lu and Fu note that these formulas “contain ‘micelles’ or small spheres of surfactant with a hydrophilic part and an oily tail.” When the micelles touch the skin, they effectively remove makeup and impurities (including SPF).

This form of makeup removal originated in France, but has gained popularity worldwide over the past decade, largely due to the gentle and hydrating nature of micellar water and its ease of use.

The way micellar water has developed in recent years has also become a popular ingredient in toners and cleansers

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