What is cashmere leather? It is soft and luxurious – how to buy it

July 24, 2023 0 Comments

To keep my skin looking as luxurious as possible, I use mindbodygreen dry body oil. Incredibly light texture – a real pleasure. It is soft and elastic. Spreading it over your skin feels so light, so effervescent that it practically disappears after application. It’s a sensory experience that feels rich but never leaves a mark.

It’s all thanks to the formula. This is an edited simple blend using only high quality oils. It is a blend of sunflower oils, organic safflower, squalane, prickly pear and vitamin E. They are rich in nutrients that support the skin, strengthen the barrier, provide antioxidant properties and nourish the skin with lipids.

The light texture is due to sunflower and safflower oils. These two naturally weightless oils are a good source of the essential fatty acids omega-3 (linolenic acid) and -6 (linoleic acid). Together, they are often called vitamin F. (The name is a bit confusing because they are not true vitamins.) Linolenic and linoleic acids help restore the barrier and soothe irritated skin. It also contains prickly pear seed oil, full of nutrients like vitamin E, phytosterols and amino acids to support collagen production.

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