What is a mandala? Here’s everything you need to know about this symbol

June 21, 2023 0 Comments

The patterns, shapes and colors of the mandala are symbolic. As Dobbs explains, “Circles can represent wholeness, squares the physical world, and complex patterns the complexity of the universe.”

The patterns and colors a person uses can also be meaningful and have cultural significance, with certain colors representing different feelings or ideas based on the focus or purpose of the mandala. “In general,” says Dobbs, “red can represent strength, blue for calm, yellow for knowledge or wisdom, and green for nature or healing.”

Creating a mandala can be a form of self-expression and connection to yourself on a deeper level. As Lev notes, “the process of creating or coloring a mandala allows people to channel their emotions, thoughts, and experiences into a tangible form, facilitating the connection between the inner and outer worlds.”

And sometimes coloring or creating a mandala design can even be a healing experience. When mandalas are used as a healing tool, they are often referred to as “healing mandalas.” The healing mandala is meant to promote psychological and spiritual healing, according to Dobb, and Lev adds, “By focusing on the intricate patterns and colors of the mandala, people can turn their attention inward, promoting self-reflection and a sense of inner security. .”

As for Emmanuelle, she tells mindbodygreen that she actually uses mandalas in the mindfulness programs she teaches. “While coloring the mandalas, I lead the group through a meditation practice that welcomes all five senses, helping the practitioner focus the mind on activities that have no purpose or purpose,” she explains.

Being present and relaxed allows a person to hone their activities. “They can just let go of their minds and color in the present moment, however their spirit feels called,” adds Emanuelli.

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