What happens when wellness enthusiasts meet in Miami? Conclusions from our recent event

April 17, 2023 0 Comments

The first of many Brazilian beauty lessons: nourishing your body is an act of self-love. So often we apply moisturizer for the look (and just the skin that shows). But what if we gave our bodies the head-to-toe TLC they deserve? In her self-massage master class, Dr. Jacqueline Tibbett reminded us that we need “a self-love ritual, not just skin care.” And one of the best ways to create this ritual is through the practice of Gua Sha.

“If you don’t know what Gua Sha is good for, it’s great for the lymphatic system, helping to flush toxins out of the body,” explained Jacqueline. “You can use it literally anywhere on the body with an easy tap.”

Start your new Gua Sha treatment with the Nativa SPA Gua Sha Stone made from black obsidian and their Quinoa Firming line for hydration. “The omega-3 fatty acids in quinoa oil are very, very good for your skin,” Jacqueline said. Then check out these full-body Gua Sha tips for toning and strengthening.

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