What does the new moon in Gemini mean to you?

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The new moon is the beginning of the lunar cycle. This is when the Sun and Moon perfectly align in the sky, merging dark and light, creating a new beginning and new energy. The lunar cycle has a natural rhythm and flow that gives us the energy to work through its eight phases.

The New Moon begins the cycle each month in a different astrological sign. It meets the Sun, then moves on, passing around the Earth. The first half of the lunar cycle is the time of construction and external flow of energy. The second half, after the full moon, when the energy flows inward and the moon begins to lose its light. When total darkness prevails, light begins to appear again, continuing the cycle of the Moon.

Intentions set at the new moon act as a guiding frequency for the rest of the lunar cycle. They open up a new way of life for us and give us something to fall back on when we get lost or life starts to feel difficult. In many ways, our intentions become our mission for the lunar cycle. We can refer back to them when faced with decisions and feel which choice is most in line with our intentions. These intentions also give us something to strive for.

These are not goals in themselves, but rather how we want to feel, the energy we want to cultivate, and the life we ​​want to live. They remind us that our intentions are what attract our reality, and when we stay aligned with our intentions, the universe brings us what we need to manifest them every day.

Each new moon gives us an opportunity to create intentions around the astrological theme of that new moon or around something else we want to bring into our lives. If you need help choosing an area around which to focus your intentions, look at the house the Moon is transiting for you. Find the house ruled by Gemini in your birth chart. You will see the outer wheel with the zodiac signs and the corresponding inner circle with the house number. We all have a house ruled by Gemini. The houses represent areas of your life and give you guidance on where to focus these new moon intentions.

The astrological symbol of Gemini, the twins
The air sign of Gemini, the home of the upcoming new moon, is usually represented by the twins. (Photo: Luqman Abdu Rofi | Getty Images)

What does the new moon in Gemini mean to you?

The New Moon in Gemini on June 18 is a time to take stock of your life and ask yourself what you want to change. The New Moon asks you to honor your transformational process by staying grounded in your body and open to new ideas. This new moon has lightness and humor. There is also an incentive to remain flexible. If you’re faced with last-minute changes or cancellations, ask how to make the best of a surprise scenario.

The moon in air signs always excites our intellect and mental sphere. This day you may find that your mind is reeling, or you may even notice that your worries have increased. Before enjoying any of these many thoughts, connect with your breath and body to stabilize your energy. Feel your feet firmly planted on the ground before writing your intentions. Take a deep breath when necessary and remember that your thoughts do not define you. Acknowledge them and let them pass.

However, the fleeting energy of this new Moon serves a purpose. It helps you look at the bits and pieces of your life to find what’s working and what needs to change. As you work with this new moon, review parts of your life including career, relationships, inner work, activities, and more. Ask yourself which parts add to the bigger picture of how you want your life to be, and which parts take you away from it.

Your life is a collaboration of energy. Ideally, each part feeds each other and even raises the vibration in other areas. They all work together to create a bigger vision for your life. When you write your intentions, create that larger vision and then work in parts. See and experience the life you want to live, then ask yourself which areas help shape that vision and which areas need transformation.

Many of the changes available at this new Moon center around your inner narratives. You go through your life with different stories playing in your head. These stories are about your self-esteem, doubts, limitations, abilities, ego attachments, personality, who you are and who you want to be. These stories can help or hinder you. They can open you up, or they can corner you. They can make you feel big and capable or small and ineffective.

If you find a part of your life that doesn’t add the desired energy to your big picture, ask yourself what your inner narrative is in that part. For example, if your relationship doesn’t support the larger vision of your life, ask what stories you’re telling yourself about it. Do you tell yourself that you need people to love you or that you are unworthy of respect? Maybe you tell yourself that you’re bad at keeping commitments, or that you prefer freedom over security. No story is bad, but it’s important to notice how they shape our reality and perspective.

Stories can inform your thinking and define your expectations in any area of ​​your life. If your story tells you to believe something about yourself or others, you listen. Often this happens unconsciously.

The great news about narratives is that we are the authors and can rewrite them at any time. We can change the way we see our past, our emotions, even our interactions with the rest of the world. As with most things, the key is to become aware of your stories, then let go of the ones that don’t serve you and edit the ones that do.

When you change your stories, you change your energy vibration, including the frequency you emit. You are changing your life. Also, when we become aware of our stories, we can stop letting them rule our experience. Instead of listening to history, we can let go of all narratives and just dive into the present without the influence of our past, our egos, or anything we’ve been taught. We can be open to the reality unfolding before our eyes rather than the reality our mind tells us. Feel the power of this new Moon to help you step into a new narrative and begin a new story of higher vibrations and limitless possibilities.

The symbol of the astrological sign of Pisces
The Water sign of Pisces will subtly influence the new Moon on June 18. (Photo: Luqman Abdu Rofi | Getty Images)

Other astrological influences on the new moon in Gemini

We have several aspects to work on this new moon.

Saturn stations retrograde in Pisces until November 2023. Saturn rules the energy of rules, regulations, government, obligations, responsibility and karma. Saturn reminds us that we are free to do whatever we want, but there are always consequences.

Retrogrades turn the planet’s energy inward. They prompt us to reorient, re-evaluate and re-engineer. With Saturn, the retrograde energy asks us to reexamine our responsibilities and re-commit to commitments that we want to continue to nurture. It’s time to feel how we spend our energy and decide what is really worth our precious time. Saturn retrograde in Pisces asks us to look at how we limit ourselves by our commitments or fear of commitments.

With the energy of the new Moon, it’s a great time to ask yourself about the stories you tell yourself about commitments and how those stories define your responsibilities. For example, do you impose some kind of negative energy on your responsibilities that makes you unhappy or dissatisfied with them? How can you change the way you perceive your obligations? This transit is a time to expand your energy around your responsibilities. How can you see them differently? How can you get excited about them? And how can you change them to support the bigger picture of your life?

We also have the New Moon square Neptune in Pisces. Squares can cause friction or tension in our lives. This square asks us to look at the stories we tell ourselves about our dreams. It asks you to become aware of the expectations you create when you write your intentions, and whether those expectations help or hinder the manifestation of your visions. This square also calls us to take responsibility for making our visions a reality. We may need to do some internal work or make some changes to reach our potential. We need to be ready for these changes, not wait for them to happen by themselves.

Your invitation

There’s always a bit of magic and intuition in making our dreams come true, but this New Moon is asking what you want to be involved with in your life. Decide what you are willing to commit to, and then ask yourself what mindset you need to frame those commitments as positive changes ready to catapult you to the next level of existence.

Learn more about the new Moon in Gemini, including additional astrological information and journaling tips, in the Gemini Season + New Moon Workbook, from which the above is taken. You can also learn more about your personal natal chart.

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