What a nutritionist-psychiatrist recommends daily for joint health

May 11, 2023 0 Comments

For nutritional psychiatrist, biologist and professional chef Uma Naidu, MD, a daily dose of turmeric is a must.

As she previously wrote in her review of the potency of turmeric+ by mindbodygreen: “From your brain to your joints, this plant-based antioxidant is essential every day for overall health. To take full advantage of the curcuminoid potential of the entire turmeric root matrix, along with the additional herbs ginger and black pepper, I recommend mindbodygreen Turmeric Potency+.”*

In this innovative formula, potency+ turmeric contains 500 milligrams of full-spectrum turmeric root, 150 milligrams of full-spectrum ginger root, and 5 milligrams of black pepper (with the added bio-enhancer of piperine).

Not only that, but you get Acumin™ full-spectrum turmeric, which provides a clinically proven absorption advantage with five and six times the bioavailability of liposomal turmeric and turmeric oil, respectively.*

Speaking of research, we should also mention that if you’re after joint health, science says turmeric is a must. As one 2021 analysis published in the journal BMJ Open Sport & Exercise Medicine1 found, multiple studies show that adding turmeric can help improve joint comfort and function.

As one happy mindbodygreen customer, Millie E., writes in her potency+ turmeric review: “For my joints, it’s everything. Be it an antioxidant or [healthy inflammatory response] action of these plants or both, my joints are a fan of turmeric +. So is my whole body. This mbg supplement is my new daily foundation for overall health.”*

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