Weekly horoscope for May 1-7, 2023 from AstroTwins

April 29, 2023 0 Comments

And as it opposes impactful Uranus, it may bring some additional jaw-dropping surprises. Control is an illusion, so allow yourself to be immersed in the bigger picture of the universe. From power mergers to scandals and sudden transitions, all sorts of secrets will be revealed. For best results, be an open channel for creative and spiritual downloads. They can make you rush to your “studio” to make music, art, or love! (Scorpio is the hottest sign of the Zodiac, after all.) Investment opportunities may come up unexpectedly, or someone may offer to fund your work.

Warning: Since eclipses always bring the X-factor, use your Scorpio research skills and thoroughly research everyone you get into bed with, literally or figuratively. Existing partnerships may reach a pivotal “make it or break it” point in the month following the eclipse. If you plan to continue, we advise you to make a firm commitment. In the coming weeks, leave no stone unturned when planning the “deal points” of your exclusive agreement. Time to break up? This lunar alignment landmark can speed up your departure, and in secretive Scorpio, slipping away might be your best exit strategy.

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