Weekly horoscope for June 12-18, 2023 from AstroTwins

June 11, 2023 0 Comments

Whether you’re looking for a workout buddy or a writing partner (or whatever!), put yourself in “discovery mode.” Your ideal soul mate may be hiding in plain sight (oh hello!) or hanging out on the fringes of your social group. That’s more incentive to get out and mingle.

Since Gemini rules local entertainment, settle for your neighbor’s solstice barbecue or gather friends for drinks alfresco on the hotel’s rooftop. The point is to get out and circulate because this lunar rise is bound to connect you with soul mates.

Note: With boundary-blurring Neptune squaring this New Moon, be careful before declaring a new acquaintance your Insta-BFF.

You can also be easily distracted today—another reason to team up with a savvy colleague or have a sidekick to go with them in case you need someone to call you an Uber.

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