Weekly horoscope for July 3-9, 2023 from astrologers

July 1, 2023 0 Comments

Mars, the planet of action, moves through studious Virgo for six weeks starting July 10. This quick, health-conscious transit encourages you to improve every area of ​​your life, from your well-being to your living space and the people you associate with (workout buddy? de-cluttering friend?).

As you organize your life, consider making your efforts more global while Mars travels through this earth sign. Plastic Free July is a global movement you can join to challenge yourself; To participate, you must avoid single-use plastics for the entire month. (Count us in!)

Mars in a healthy Virgo also helps us optimize our love life. If that doesn’t sound sexy yet, consider the new dating trend called “dawn dating,” and it’s exactly what it sounds like: going on a date in the morning! It has gained popularity among professionals who may feel too tired to go out after work. One idea is to meet when the coffee shop opens. (If you’re getting coffee anyway, that seems like a pretty low risk!)

As love planet Venus begins its sojourn back to morning star status later this month, dating at dawn could be the perfect space-backed choice.

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