Weekly horoscope for April 24-30, 2023 from AstroTwins

April 23, 2023 0 Comments

As you scan, sort, and organize, be careful not to destroy all traces of creativity. And if you do? Carefully! This Thursday, the muse will take to the floor that resembles a speech, thanks to the balancing quarter of the Moon in Leo. These glamorous, theatrical beams remind us that a well-placed bell or whistle is what takes the effort out of crawling into “basic s***h” territory.

So, when you optimize your mission, take another look. Where can you add a little more sparkle and sunshine to make everything stand out? Nevertheless, the quarter moon does not accept excesses. This week’s advice from fashion icon Coco Chanel (Leo) hit the mark: to avoid being ostentatious, remove one accessory before heading out the door. Apply this wisdom widely! Delete that third adjective, make your point briefly, and leave the party before everyone gets sloppily drunk. This week, getting out on time is just as important as getting out!

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