Weekly Astrology Forecast, May 21-27: Indulge your playful side

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This week marks the change of seasons from one way of existence to another. When the Sun moves from Taurus to Gemini, we move from the body to the mind. We are invited to connect, learn, think, explore, communicate, play and explore our many interests.

Sun in Gemini

As the center of our solar system, the Sun plays a key role in astrology. It is our life force, our life force, our spirit. As the Sun moves through the cosmos, meeting each of the twelve signs of the zodiac, the very life force that moves within us begins to express itself through the very essence of each sign.

Each astrological year, the Sun begins in Aries, enters Taurus, and then arrives in Gemini, our third zodiac sign. Under the influence of Taurus, we moved and experienced life at a slow and steady pace. It was about beauty, embodiment and preoccupation with material things.

As the Sun moves into Gemini on May 21st and remains there until June 21st, it seems that the same spirit within us accepts the invitations and interests of this air sign. In a way, we become the living, breathing embodiment of Gemini for the next month or so.

There is a certain playfulness that the Gemini archetype possesses. He has a curiosity for mental inquiry that he can never fully satisfy. It looks at the world through the eyes of an excited child. He willingly takes in all the information he can, then shares that information in as many directions as possible through the spoken or written word. Collects and disperses. He collects and shares. It acts as a transparent vessel and allows knowledge to move freely through it.

Gemini is a mutable air sign. Just as air moves fast, free and boundless, so does Gemini. During this season, our mind will be an invitation to lead us in any direction, any direction, unrestrained, free to roam. We can be gifted with new interests and exciting new topics to study and explore—books, courses, conversations, classes, writing, conversations, new experiences, or different people. Life is a playground for the mind, and Gemini wants to take full advantage of this experience.

Just as air can clear stagnant energy and bring new life, so can Gemini. It offers the gift of clearing what may seem dormant, lifeless, stuck, or just ready to go, like currents of air moving through a room. Gemini season invites us to air our lives and diffuse new energy. It brings new life, sparking interest. And he does it because of curiosity and enthusiasm for everything that can be learned.

Your invitation

Words are a gift. They are one of the many ways in which we understand our world and our impression of it. Likewise, communication is a gift. This is one way we can share our understanding and enthusiasm about the world and create connections.

Gemini is like the glue that binds us together with words. It connects. It connects the dots. It allows us to mentally understand our human experience, both in our minds and in our social lives with each other. He gathers information and knowledge from wherever he can, experiencing the vast and timely invitations that life bestows, and then brings it all together on a single slab of understanding.

Gemini is a game. While doing this, know that the game makes it easier. Laughter moves energy. Sparks of excitement. Laughter moves energy. Joy unlocks what is stuck. Curiosity drives change. Interest lights a light in a once dark room. This week ushers in a season of lightness, movement, clarity, play, curiosity and spark. Like that gust of wind, Gemini invites you to let go of what’s stuck and embrace whatever may come next. Like the changing of the seasons, it prompts transmutation.

Gemini is the essence of change because it is movement itself. This season reminds us that we are malleable, in constant motion and constantly changing shapes, forms, interests, personalities. We are the same air — free, changeable, inexplicable, in motion, moving wherever we are led.

During this season, let your curiosity be your north star. Allow play to become your most healing and invigorating state of being. And lean on the beauty of words as if they were your only food.

Communicate. Share yourself. Share what you care about. Witness the excitement and understanding that others have to share, and let that interaction change you. Let everything that is available in the surrounding world change you.

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Jordan Marie is the founder of Girl and Her Moon, a platform and community that explores the soul through the lens of astrology, tarot, and energy healing. She is an author, intuitive astrologer, energy and soul guide, and host of Girl and Her Moon, The Podcast. She inspires herself every day to be a mirror for you to see all that you really are, you in all your infinite capacity, in full expansion, in infinite possibility and love.

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