Weekly Astrology Forecast, June 4-10, 2023: Enjoy yourself

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This week is all about you, Venus and Leo. As the planet of honoring your value and individuality begins a rare three-month stay in a regal fire sign, we are invited to give our all to what contributes to our well-being, our self-confidence and our self-love.

Venus in Leo

Venus usually spends about 20 days in each zodiac sign, though we’re blessed with the beginning of a three-month stay. This longer-than-usual residency through upcoming Venus retrograde in July provides an opportunity to dive into the sign’s invitations and allow them to enter our lives, our self-image, and the way we move through the world. .

In astrology, Venus is our sense of self-worth and innate worth. She is beauty, love, prosperity, receptivity, magnetism and fertility. She is desire, attraction and embodiment. It defines what we consider pleasant, beautiful, and worthy of our time, effort, and energy. It is through this process of definition that we achieve a greater sense of individuation, self-determination, fulfillment, and establishing our place in the world. Venus attracts what she desires, not because she lacks it. Rather, she embodies her dignity, knowing that everything is drawn to her with ease and pleasure.

As Venus travels through the zodiac, her very essence is expressed through the special lens of each sign. During the last month of moving through the emotional sign of Cancer, Venus’s expression was inward and receptive. However, when she transitions into Leo, this inner expression shifts outward. Although receptivity remains, the emphasis becomes as much on action and giving as it is on receiving. It is by feeding our desires that we strengthen our magnetism and attract to ourselves all that is destined for us.

This is exactly what Leo is after. Leo is here to become complete and whole. This is our self-expression and creativity, warmth and confidence. He is brave, passionate, loyal, sincere and loving.

Ruled by the Sun, Leo is all about individuality, establishing our personal identity, sense of self, and passions. And like the Sun, Leo’s self-expression is not meant for anyone else. A lion shines because it is his nature. Leo gives, loves and acts because it is characteristic of this sign. Leo expresses its light into the world as brilliantly as the Sun, because that is what it is here to teach us that by actualizing who we are meant to be, we can be fulfilled in ways beyond imagination.

Your invitation

When Venus and Leo unite in our cosmos, there is a beautiful and harmonious cooperation.

Venus is the lens through which we define what we value in the world. It is by pouring into what we believe to be valuable and worthy—be it our relationships, art, work, home, family, fashion, health, appearance, or anything else—that we deepen our understanding and natural expression of who we are. we are By pouring into what we love, we become more alive, contentment nourishes us, and we find clarity about why we are here to shine.

This week is an invitation to own what is important to you and what satisfies you. It asks you to lean into what you know is worthy of your worth, time, effort, and vitality—what you long for from the depths of your body, the passions that run through you like fire and stars. When you feed these passions, they come back to you.

This transit is egocentric. It’s about you. It’s about honoring your worth. It is about enlightening yourself. It’s about the desires that fill your heart. It’s about your relationship with love and the love you keep for yourself. It’s about your creativity and your connection to life force, and knowing that you are worthy of diving directly into the things that bring color to your life.

Your invitation is to be bold. be you Think about what you value. Pay attention to how you value yourself. Respect your facial expression. Shine your light. Build yourself. Love boldly. Feel your passions fully. Accept your desires. Leap to your dream. Continue to feed on the art that is your life and the art that is you.

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Jordan Marie is the founder of Girl and Her Moon, a platform and community that explores the soul through the lens of astrology, tarot, and energy healing. She is an author, intuitive astrologer, energy and soul guide, and host of Girl and Her Moon, The Podcast. She inspires herself every day to be a mirror for you to see all that you really are, you in all your infinite capacity, in full expansion, in infinite possibility and love.

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