Weekly Astrology Forecast, July 2-8: Leave the stress behind

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The week begins with tension in our skies as Venus and Uranus push and pull against each other, prompting us to see what struggles may be going on within us as well. During the days, the Full Moon in Capricorn offers release and renewal.

Venus in Leo square Uranus in Taurus

Astrology is known for tracking the earthly effects of the movement of the Sun and planets through the signs of the zodiac and the cyclical cycle of the Moon through the lunar phases. A lesser known aspect of astrology is how the planets communicate, cooperate and create invitations through their placement relative to each other.

We are not strangers to relations between planets. We feel their influence through monthly transits, we feel their influence in our natal charts and therefore within us.

A square aspect occurs when two planets are three signs apart. This creates friction. It’s the kind of tension that can feel like opposing forces, aspects of ourselves that at first seem like they can never come together, like one is fighting the other. This feeling persists until we decide to step forward and overcome this tension, before eventually discovering that it is one of our greatest strengths, motivators, and doorways into ourselves.

Squares are opportunities. They lead us out of complacency and into change. When we make the decision to be with what is ours, to heal what we cherish, and to embody ourselves in full wholeness, we are met with possibilities—whether prompted from within or prompted by external experience—that are prompted by that decision.

In astrology, Venus represents what we value. In ourselves, in others, in the people we choose to occupy a place in our lives, and in what we value in our surroundings, whether it’s art, food, career or beauty. What we value reflects who we are, and the decisions we make based on those values ​​strengthen our sense of well-being and self-actualization. The expression of Venus known as love is most evident in our relationships, be they romantic, friendly, business or otherwise.

Uranus has a completely different tone. Uranus is the side of us that needs freedom. Uranus is change and revolution. It shakes things up and destroys old beliefs in order to move forward and break down long-standing structures that hold us back.

As Venus approaches its retrograde beginning at the end of July, its meeting with Uranus on July 2nd acts as a crack in the opening of what we can offer to continue to contemplate, ponder, and review the entire retrograde that will soon be upon us. .

In this square, something can seem to arise within us that can be seen, whether it’s emotions we’ve renounced, or desires we’ve relegated to the shadows, or actions we’ve denied, or values ​​we’ve buried in a name. security, peace, ease or something else. Uranus breaks through the defenses we may put up and brings out what is our center.

Full moon in Capricorn

The full moon is a time of liberation. The moon has built itself up to a point of fullness where the only direction is to empty, let go and surrender. This is an invitation to close.

Capricorn, as an archetype, is here to realize our greatest potential. It is here for the journey to the top of our mountain. This is where we stand during our journey to reach the top.

Capricorn builds us. It challenges us. It shapes us. And it teaches us. Capricorn reminds us that no matter what we face, we have the inner resources to carry on, whether we are familiar with them or hidden and untapped. Sometimes just when an obstacle is stopping us from moving forward, these resources prompt us to dig deeper and find them so we can keep moving forward.

While the Moon is in Capricorn, the Sun and Mercury sit opposite it in Cancer. A water sign, Cancer is the meaning we find by exploring our emotional waters and the currents of our body. This is our inner foundation.

The July 3rd Full Moon is an invitation to dive deep within so you can explore the terrain outside. It is an invitation to dive into your body, explore your emotions, and nurture your heart as much as you rely on practical reason, discipline, structure, and long-term desires.

By diving in and looking out, we return to the current state of the Moon, which is about letting go. We allow our emotions to sink in, aligning them with long-term desires that we know are already ours, and let go of anything we hold onto that inhibits our journey. We look within, we look around, and we begin to let go of the burdens that keep us from climbing the mountain.

Your invitation

Reflection. Felt experience. To be with what arises from deep within your body. Express what you’re feeling in a way that helps you understand it, whether it’s through movement, art, music, writing, or conversation.

The invitation is to be present with your experience, along with the grace to feel all that you can feel, even when it conflicts with who you think you should be, what you think you should experience, or how you think you should live his life

Uranus seeks to reveal the perspectives through which you have created your reality. It shows you that there is more, there is something else, there is a new way of seeing. But first you must destroy the framework through which you have perceived.

Lean into your Venus and explore what your values ​​are, what your needs are, what desires come from deep within you and whether they are being met by you, others, your environment, or your experience of reality as a whole.

After that, there is an opportunity to exhale. To let go. Release This week’s full moon is a great time for somatic release. Shake off the emotions. Get over your reticence. Let go of the clutter in your mind. And surrender to your experience without needing to make perfect sense of it all.

Let Capricorn remind you of your path. A path that pushes you to be the best you can be. A path that makes you keep getting back up no matter how many times you fall. A path that reveals a strength in you that you didn’t even know you had. The way is yours.

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