Weekly astrological forecast, May 7-13, 2023: exciting lightness

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Our planet of beauty, blessings, love and harmony moves into a new zodiac sign this week, bringing a different approach to how we understand value, experience beauty and express love.

Venus in Cancer

The planet Venus can be found in how we observe beauty, create art, embody our worth, approach abundance, take care of ourselves, enjoy romance, express love, receive love, and so much more. In ancient times, Venus was revered as a Roman goddess and considered important for the balance of life. She was prayed for military victories, blessed marriages, a bountiful harvest and prosperity in all spheres of life.

As Venus moves through the zodiac, everything she embodies is expressed through the lens of that particular sign. With some signs, there is lightness in her expression. It becomes harmonious, elevated and supported. Inside others, her spark is harder to feel. However, each sign has unique gifts, invitations, self-reflections, and insights.

On May 7, Venus will move into Cancer, where it will stay until June 5. Cancer, as a zodiac sign, is often seen as a mother archetype. She is gentle, caring, healing and intuitive. A water sign, Cancer represents our emotions and our safe places in the world. It addresses our family and ancestral roots, our home, our loved ones and our peace.

Traveling through the waters of Cancer, Venus feels light. We are blessed with safety and comfort in a familiar space. Here we find compassion, healing, romance, belonging and acceptance. At this time, beauty has the opportunity to find us, and art penetrates deep into our emotions, our bodies, and our experiences.

Sun conjunct Uranus

The sun is not just the center of our solar system, it is the center of itself. According to astrology, it is our core, our spirit, our pulse. When the Sun approaches or connects with the planets in our cosmos, it brings that same life-giving spirit, spark, power, and vitality to those around it. Planetary themes are strengthened, supported and expressed with ease.

Uranus is associated with liberation, freedom, authenticity and awakening. In mythology, Uranus is the personification of the sky, the ruler of the universe. Its influence is acute, influential and effective. It shows where we are going and represents an advanced and freedom-filled direction for humanity. When Uranus strongly expresses itself in our cosmos, we are invited to open up the present in the service of making room for the new.

When we are supported by the Sun conjunct Uranus on May 9, we open up new ways of thinking, seeing, knowing and acknowledging. We are offered a new, non-standard view. The one that comes from heaven itself. One that wants to lead us on a new path. One that can surprise us.

Your invitation

Like life, astrology seems to flow through waves of intensity and calm. As we go through the season of eclipses, we may find ourselves in a wave of change.

As the Sun and Uranus make their annual conjunction, we gain a new perspective. We are offered a still moment to stop it all and look through another lens through which we can see ourselves and our lives, as if from heaven.

Carrying us through the week and into next month, Venus in Cancer keeps us safe as the Sun transits and awakens with Uranus. It offers soothing support, a comfortable space, a gentle whisper. It reminds us that we are united, inviting beauty into our hearts and feeling light as we receive the blessings that appear.

Much is moving, flowing, and changing in our cosmos both this week and on the larger timeline that this week is a part of. Allow the support of Venus in Cancer to hold you to the changes, revelations, new perspectives and insights that are provided to you as if it were a safety net.

Hermes Trismegistus, who is called the father of astrology, suggested to us: “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so is the soul…”. When there is movement in our cosmos, there is movement within us. When there is an invitation to safety in our cosmos, is there safety that comes from within.

Let this week’s high tides of astrological insight be a mirror to your inner world, as it always reflects you.

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