Weekly astrological forecast, June 18-24: Feeling at home

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There is an inherent sacredness to this week as we experience the homecoming of Cancer season, receive the blessings of the summer solstice, and watch Jupiter and Saturn come together in sextile.

Jupiter Sextile Saturn

When the planets form shapes and angles with each other during their orbits, it can seem like these planetary bodies are cooperating and inviting us into their shared purpose. Likewise with a sextile, which is a 60-degree relationship between the positions of two planets relative to each other.

The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the night sky in sextile is a harmonious collaboration worth celebrating. Jupiter, in astrology, is the planet that gives us hope. It shows us that there is always room for more—more love, more flow, more joy, more light, more growth, more potential. Jupiter invites us to imagine and dream, to follow our desires and trust our future. It makes us move, grow and develop.

Saturn, which has just turned retrograde, is the planet of stability and longevity, responsibility and practical action. Saturn keeps us bound in tangible reality, the laws of matter, and the limitations of time.

When Jupiter and Saturn meet in sextile on June 19, they invite tangible forward progress, steady growth, and practical action toward our dreams. It is a beautiful atmosphere in which you can reach for your hopes, wishes and visions of your future and plant them deep in the ground beneath you.

The Sun enters Cancer Cancer season begins

Astrology is based on a geocentric perspective. That is, it is based on our perception of the Earth. It connects everything to our human experience of space—what we can see, what we can feel, and what we can experience here in our bodies and on Earth.

From this human-centered perspective, the Sun moves through the constellations of all 12 zodiacs during the astrological year, spending about one month in each sign. The time spent in each sign is what we call an astrological season and is an invitation to immerse yourself in the invitations, energies, colors, intentions and overall essence of that zodiac. It is an invitation to observe where and how this zodiac lives within us and expresses itself through us. In turn, it is also our opportunity to meet and nurture this part of ourselves.

As the Sun moves into the soothing waters of Cancer from June 21st to July 22nd, Gemini season draws to a close and we will receive invitations related to healing, caregiving, security, family and emotions.

Cancer at home. Not just our physical home, but everything in life that is home to us. Our family. Our culture. Our roots. Our body. Our loved ones. Our comfort and safety. Our favorite foods and memories from childhood. This book we keep. Cancer is the sanctuary that lives within us and the sanctuary we create around us. Cancer is our emotional world, offering the gift of sensitivity and heightened intuition.

As the Sun travels through the waters of Cancer, we are invited to return home—to ourselves, to our needs, to our loved ones, and to our bodies. This is an internal season, a private month. It is a moment in time to return to what and who really matters to us, and to be nurtured and filled by those chosen things and people.


Ancient cultures, mythology, and esoteric history have honored and celebrated the cycles of the sun for as long as we know. This dance in which the Sun and Earth move is one of the many sequences that allow life to exist: trees to grow, waves to crash, time to exist and people to live.

As Cancer season begins, June 21 marks the summer solstice for the northern hemisphere and the winter solstice for the southern hemisphere. The word “solstice” comes from the Latin solution (“Sunflower”) and to stop (“stand still”). On this day, for an astronomical moment in time, the Sun comes to a complete standstill, acting as the peak moment in this sacred dance between the Sun and the Earth.

The summer solstice is the longest day of the year. Out of 365 days, this day has the most light. It is a portal of time and space that occurs when the Sun and Earth are closest to each other in their dance. On this day, the Sun shines the most light it will ever have, and the Earth, and therefore us, receives the most light it will ever have. It is the peak of expression, fullness, strength, abundance, fertility, creativity, warmth, receptivity and activation.

As the Sun stands still, we are invited to maintain the same stillness, presence, being, and reverence as it is on this day and in this presence that we are offered the energy, wisdom, and understanding shared by the sun’s rays. . We can allow him to sustain us in the next phase of our dance and the next season of our lives.

Your invitation

With Jupiter and Saturn shining this week, explore the practicalities of your dreams. Try taking responsibility for making them real and see how it fits and feels. Organize and plan how your future vision can become a reality. This is the time to believe in yourself and remember your deep dignity. Be realistic about your strengths and celebrate them. Be realistic about where you need support and organize it. Your invitation is to allow hope to feel safe again and to trust yourself enough to fulfill the dreams in your heart.

The days following this sextile bring a new beginning. As Cancer season begins and the summer solstice graces us with its presence, trust and know that you are on the cusp of something new. Cancer invites you home and to feel clarity about who you are and what is important to you. The sun shines and opens the door to everything you need for your next chapter.

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