Venus Sign: What Your Venus Can Tell You About Your Love Life

April 16, 2023 0 Comments

With Venus in fiery and flamboyant Leo, Gemini says it creates a passionate and expressive soul. Whether it’s big and bold displays of affection or the most extravagant date you’ve ever been on, Venus is in Leo. And speaking of the show, according to the twins, it’s a place that doesn’t have a problem with PDA—in fact, they might prefer it. They want to love dramatically and then receive dramatic displays of love in return.

According to Roby Antill, Venus in Leo people tend to be warm, outgoing, outgoing, affectionate, and have a big presence that puts them in the spotlight. “They love the social scene, they love to entertain their friends and they have a dramatic sense of style,” she explains, adding: “However, in a relationship they are very passionate and committed, very romantic, and drawn to luxury. “

However, this love of luxury can be somewhat dangerous if not kept in check. As such, Roby Antila points out that money matters should be approached with caution and this placement should be careful not to engage in retail therapy or go over your budget.

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