Vacation with acupuncturist Snow Zia, l.a.

April 27, 2023 0 Comments

8:30 am: I walk to my office on the sunny side of the street, without dark glasses. Since I rarely get to leave the office during the day, this is the time to get some sunlight to help my body produce the melatonin it needs and regulate my circadian rhythm.

5 pm: I leave the office early on Tuesdays and that allows me to attend a yoga class to get some movement and calm my mind.

7 pm: Go home after yoga and get ready for dinner.

8 pm: Clean up after dinner. I try my best not to work on my laptop and take it as a time to relax and catch up with my partner about our day.

8:30 – 22:00: Watch TV. As much as I love a good suspense/mystery series, I’ve been trying to watch more light-hearted content in the last hour before bed. There were nights when I did not sleep and drank The last of usand my nervous system was too fired up to sleep after the show.

22:30: I’m starting to relax. I take a hot shower and spray Alo magnesium oil on the soles of my feet. Then massage it using kidney acupressure 1. Then I’ll turn off the lights and continue watching TV for a bit more while doing a 20-minute foot massage (sometimes a warm foot bath with lavender essential oil). Warming and massaging your feet before bed has so many benefits.

11 pm: As part of sleep hygiene, my bedroom has blackout curtains and no major electronics (TV, computer, speakers). With heavy eyelids, I get into bed and turn off the light, usually dozing off after about 10 minutes.

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