Tinder App Review + How to Create a Good Tinder Profile

May 25, 2023 0 Comments

Setting up your Tinder profile is similar to many apps that work with your finger. I find the setup most similar to Bumble. To create your profile, you’ll first upload photos (up to nine) and add a bio of up to 500 characters. You will then be asked for your job title, company, school, location, and sexual orientation.

Not sure what photos to use in your dating app profile? Tinder has a “smart photos” feature. If selected, the app will choose which photos are the best and display them first.

In addition to basic information, you can also add up to five interests, as well as preferred pronouns, height, relationship goals, languages, zodiac sign, education and family plans. There is an option to display whether you have the COVID vaccine, your personality type, communication style and love language.

To tell a little more about your lifestyle, you can include additional information about pets, drinking habits, smoking habits, marijuana use, exercise frequency, diet, how often you use social media, and your sleeping habits.

Finally, you have the option to link your Instagram or Spotify account. Linking these accounts will not reflect your user information. For Instagram, it will show a few frames of your latest posts. Linking Spotify will show your top artists on your profile. You can also choose an “anthem” song from Spotify.

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