This homemade solution can reduce food waste by 90% in just a few hours

May 16, 2023 0 Comments

Food waste is mostly a household crisis. But foodcycling allows individuals and families to be part of the solution, and Eco 5 is a great alternative to food waste disposal. Not to mention that it is odorless and quietly. “Users often comment on how amazing it is to watch coffee grounds, eggshells, chicken bones and other scraps fill the processing bucket only to see it transform into plant-based food that can fit in the palm of their hand,” describes Judd

In addition to the convenience of reducing food waste, upcycling also cultivates a more sustainable state of mind. While composting usually goes on hiatus during the winter months, the food cycle is a process we can run year-round. Also, it makes us pay more attention to the food we buy compared to the food we eat.

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