These 5 Appliances Are Hot Spots for Mold: How to Keep Them Clean

April 16, 2023 0 Comments

When a mold colony develops, it multiplies by releasing microscopic particles called spores into the environment. Think of them like fluffy white dandelion seeds. Due to their small size, these disputes can spread everywhere, including our homes.

Like seeds, mold spores are non-living particles and will remain non-living until they reach a surface with the necessary components for growth. Most types of mold only need two key elements to start growing: food and moisture. The key thing to remember is that if these two things are present for 24-48 hours, some types of mold can start to grow. This is why time is of the essence when it comes to mold prevention.

Appliances are one of the best places for germs to grow because they often contain the components needed to turn a spore into a living colony. Take, for example, a washing machine. Its soap scum, organic matter from clothing and mineral deposits are excellent sources of food. Most appliances also collect moisture. For example, rubber gaskets and small gaps in appliances such as coffee makers can trap moisture during and after use. To make the substance more toxic, bacteria grow in the same conditions as mold and can often be found right next to the colonies. In fact, these machines can quickly become hotbeds of microbial growth.

Once that happens, every time you turn on the machine, you’re throwing all sorts of particles onto your clothes, food and drinks, and around the house. This is not a recipe for making your body happy.

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