The editorial-approved Manduka Pro Yoga Mat is on sale on Prime Day

July 11, 2023 0 Comments

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It’s no secret that Yoga Journal, we love the Manduka Pro Yoga Mat. The perfect combination of cushioning and stickiness, we return to this mat again and again. However, the price ($138) for this mat can be a bit steep, especially for a beginner. When there are floor mats for $25 throughout, you want to be sure you’re investing in a good, high-quality rug that will last you a lifetime. We understand that. But if you’ve been looking for your cue to pull the trigger on the Manduka Pro Yoga Mat (or stock up on a few to give to friends and family), this is it. On Amazon Prime Day, July 11th and 12th, the Manduka Pro Yoga Mat is on sale for 22% off. Instead of the usual $138, you can get this rug for $108.21.

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Why we love the Manduka Pro Yoga Mat

Voted one of our best yoga mats of 2021, the Manduka Pro Yoga Mat checks a lot of key boxes when it comes to your practice surface. Manufactured using sustainable, non-toxic processes, this mat is made from PVC that is free of harmful chemicals. In addition, the closed-cell construction provides resistance to wear and tear. And at six millimeters thick, this yoga mat provides cushion for your joints without slipping or sliding across the studio floor.

With nearly 6,000 reviews worldwide (and nearly 5,000 five-star reviews), this yoga mat is a favorite among yogis who shop on Amazon. Although many reviews state that this rug takes some getting used to (it may be a labor of love after all), its durability is evident. “This mat has great cushioning, but is also firm enough to make even the most difficult balancing poses easier compared to softer mats,” says one reviewer. “I fell in love with this mat and if you are a dedicated yogi it is worth a try. Just be prepared for a tough road at first that will pay off tremendously in the end. There’s a reason it’s called “pro.”

Other Manduka products to consider on Amazon Prime Day

If you already own Manduka’s Pro Yoga mat, there are other great Manduka products on sale on Amazon Prime Day.

Instead of dripping sweat onto your mat (and then cleaning it), you can add the Manduka eQua Yoga Mat Towel to your Amazon cart. (Especially if you crave extra grip on your mat.) This towel is currently on sale for $38.99, a 7 percent discount from the regular price.

You can shop Amazon’s Prime Day selection from Manduka below.

Shoes Pro Mat for Amazon Prime Day
(Photo: Courtesy of Amazon and Manduka)

Manduka Pro yoga mat

Qua Yoga Mat shoes and towel
(Photo: Manduka/Amazon)

Qua Yoga Mat shoes and towel

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