The Death Tarot Card: What It Means for Love, Career, and More

April 11, 2023 0 Comments

One of the best ways to interpret tarot cards is to understand their symbolism and imagery. As Vanderveldt explains, the symbolism varies from deck to deck, but in Smith’s traditional representation of Waite’s Rider, the Death card shows a knight on a horse moving steadily ahead. “The scene has people going back to figures on other cards, all falling at the feet of death, suggesting that no one is immune to change, loss, transformation, and yes, death,” she explains.

Additionally, the armored skeleton knight carries a banner with a white rose, which Vanderveldt says historically represents the rose of the House of York, but also represents life and renewal in general.

In addition, we see two columns and a setting (or rising?) sun, with the sun “a nod to the cyclical nature of life, and we know that even though the sun is setting in one place right now, it will rise again tomorrow,” she says. mindbodygreen.

And the same pillars also appear on the Moon map, indicating the threshold we must cross, Vanderveldt explains. “Often we don’t know exactly what forms our transformation will take, but we have to trust that we can face the darkness until the dawn,” she says.

Finally, the Death card is often associated with Scorpio, a sign very familiar with death and rebirth. Scorpio season is the time of year in the northern hemisphere when “the leaves are dying and falling and we’re getting ready to go inside for winter,” Vanderveldt notes, adding that death is a cycle we all inevitably go through. , where old ways and the status quo must go.

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