The Complete Guide to Dark Spots: Causes, Mistakes, and Treatments

April 17, 2023 0 Comments

In practice, smart sun uses a complex approach with nuances. For starters, this means you have to be mindful of the time you spend in the sun. Applying SPF is not a reason to sunbathe for sports. While we believe that spending time outdoors is important for overall health, treating your tanning session like you’re training for a marathon is a no-brainer. Use your time outdoors wisely: Avoid spending too much time during peak UV hours and use accessories such as hats, sunglasses and UFP shirts.

Okay, now for the sunscreen. “The best sunscreen is the sunscreen you actually wear,” says holistic esthetician Leslie Thornton, founder of KLUR. “I don’t argue with people about sunscreen. do you wear it Perfectly”. We love these mineral options, but at the end of the day it’s just about finding products you like.

I also recommend building a sunscreen wardrobe so you have products for multiple occasions: waterproof full-body options for the beach, stick formulas for travel, re-applyable face powders, and a few face lotions depending on what you’re doing. until that day (i.e. one for makeup and one for bare face). While this advice might have seemed silly ten years ago, there are now so many amazing and varied sunscreen options on the market to suit any need.

This also means taking care of your skin before the sun: if you’ve just spent a day at the beach, be sure to moisturize and soothe your skin to minimize any potential skin inflammation. In this case, the use of aloe vera is a popular ingredient for a reason: it comes down to one of the compounds in the juice, aloesin.

Aloesin has lightening properties that can help speed up the fading process. In one study, when aloe was applied to the skin four times a day for two weeks, aloesin has been shown to effectively reduce post-acne hyperpigmentation4. Another report showed that topical application of aloesin can directly prevent hyperpigmented skin from producing more melanin.

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