The Best White Noise Machines of 2023, Medically Reviewed

April 7, 2023 0 Comments

Lidley suggests considering the following criteria when looking for the right white noise machine for you.

Sound quality: Leadley notes that the sound quality of a white noise machine is critical. “The sound should be steady and soothing, without any harsh or sudden interruptions,” she says. “Look for machines that reproduce high-quality sounds with adjustable volume.”

Variety of sounds: Many white noises are accompanied by a number of different noise variations, such as ocean waves and rain, or fan and vacuum sounds. “Make sure the machine you choose has a selection of sounds that suit your preferences,” notes Leadley.

Portability: If you want to take a white noise machine with you anywhere, make sure you choose something compact and easily portable. According to Leadley: “Look for lightweight and compact machines with a battery option.”

Ease of use: A white noise machine shouldn’t cause more stress—it should be easy to use and control. “A white noise machine should be easy to drive with simple controls,” says Leadley. “Having the machine with a timer function is also a great feature to ensure you don’t have to turn it off manually.”

Additional features: While some white noise machines only have basic functions, “Some white noise machines have additional functions like a night light or an alarm clock,” says Leadley. “Consider whether these features will be useful to you.”

Price: Finally, white noise machines vary greatly in price. Consider your budget when choosing the best one for you. “Figure out your budget and look for cars that fit within it,” suggests Leadley.

“A good white noise machine should have high sound quality, a variety of sounds, be portable, easy to use and have additional features,” concludes Leadley. “Take these factors into consideration when choosing a white noise machine, and you’ll be on your way to a more restful sleep, focused work or study.”

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