The best probiotics for weight loss and gut health

May 12, 2023 0 Comments

Each mindbodygreen probiotic+ capsule contains four strains of bacteria that have been scientifically studied for gut health: B. milk Bi-07 relieves bloating and promotes comfort, B. milk HN019 supports digestion and regularity while reducing gas L. acidophilus NCFM promotes healthy bowel movements. The outstanding strain for weight loss is 10 billion CFU B. milk B420, which has been shown in clinical trials to support the gut barrier and promote a healthy weight by reducing calorie intake, abdominal fat and waist circumference.*

Like all mindbodygreen supplements, this one has been thoroughly tested for purity and efficacy and contains no binders, preservatives, or any artificial colors or flavors. Its stable bacteria are packaged in a recyclable glass bottle (no refrigeration required).

Reviewers report that taking Probiotics+ has made a significant difference in gut health and comfort—often more than any other probiotic they’ve tried. “After taking it consistently for two weeks, my stomach is gone,” writes one customer. Another says: “I’ve tried a few probiotics, this one really makes a difference, helping regularly.”*

Save money with a mindbodygreen probiotic+ subscription ($69/month) or a one-time purchase for $80. New customers save 10% on their first order with promo code MBG10.

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