Tap into your sensual side with this yoga workout

July 24, 2023 0 Comments

Berkheimer is a big fan of shibari, or sensual tying with rope, especially for tying the chest and upper body to create a sense of safety and security. “For me, the whole point of sensual role binding and chest strap is to make you feel like you’re being held, because it’s all about feeling,” she explains.

In this way, you restore the power that the rope might have had on you in other scenarios, infusing it with the energy you need and allowing it to move your journey the way you want it to. “It’s like taking away the power he had and making him our agent of change,” she adds.

You can incorporate Sensual Rope Tying into any of the above poses or any of your favorite poses. You may find this especially helpful when opening your heart so that you can open your heart while feeling safe.

(Here’s our shibari tutorial if you’re new to rope tying)

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