Sufficient Vitamin D Linked to Cognitive Health, Study Says*

June 30, 2023 0 Comments

Women with elevated (i.e., adequate) vitamin D levels had better global cognitive function (i.e., general cognitive function) and longer attention spans, known as attentional precision.* Interestingly, improvements in attentional precision plateaued around 25(OH)D levels of 32 ng / ml. In men, adequate levels of vitamin D were also associated with improved attentional accuracy.*

Because of patterns in the relationship between cognitive ability and vitamin D status, researchers have determined that there may be a dose-response relationship (that is, increasing levels of the “sunshine vitamin” to promote cognitive development and maintenance)—especially in women.*

This data confirms what mindbodygreen already knew to be true: maintaining adequate vitamin D throughout life is critical to maintaining brain health (and many other aspects of our health) now and as we age.*

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