Sleep doctors also have restless nights: how do they recover

April 15, 2023 0 Comments

Mindbodygreen sleep support+ is a favorite among medical professionals due to its safe, functional ingredients: magnesium bisglycinate, zyzyphus and PharmaGABA®. They work in tandem to calm the mind and create a noticeable sense of relaxation before bed, promoting deeper and more restorative sleep.*

“Since I started taking Sleep Support+ a few months ago, my deep sleep, which is the most important part of our sleep cycle, has increased in length, I fall asleep faster, and I wake up feeling much more refreshed,” says Heather Modey , MD: “I’m very sensitive to caffeine and blue light, and I used to take melatonin at night, but found that often didn’t work. mindbodygreen’s natural, gentle Sleep Support+ formula has been effective in solving my sleep problems”* says Amy Shah, MD

To learn more about the supplement that experts (and regular people alike) use for infinitely better sleep, go here.

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