Sijo TempTune Cotton Sheets Review: Perfect for sleepers

April 6, 2023 0 Comments

I originally received a sample of the Sijo sheets last year because I intended to make them my new everyday kit. But once I realized the versatility of sheets, I realized that they are better suited for houseguest rotation. My theory was confirmed when a visitor slept on them for the first time. They woke up the next morning raving about the sheets, claiming that this material provided the best sleep ever.

Although I took my friend’s word for it, I was skeptical until another visitor also checked the letters. Even though they were forced to sleep on the couch, this guest also spent 20 minutes raving about the bedding. Despite a 25-year age difference and two very different sleeping preferences, my guests were equally impressed.

After hearing their rave reviews, I finally decided to give the TempTune sheets a try. As someone who has tried at least a dozen sets of high-end cooling sheets, I expected to be pretty squeamish about the whole thing. Instead, I found that they easily made it into my top three sheets. The fabric was perfect for spring’s sudden temperature changes and I enjoyed wrapping myself up in it at night.

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