Seeing a dead person alive in a dream? Here’s what it means

May 13, 2023 0 Comments

In the case of a dream about visits, there is absolutely nothing do beyond that, take comfort in the feeling of your loved one reaching out to you through the world of dreams. Levenberg says you can also write it down in a dream journal and keep it in a safe place for future reference.

Other times, she says, “it’s definitely a call from your subconscious to try to come to terms with what’s going on.” Whether it’s a sense of unfinished business or an inability to accept what they’ve gone through, it’s important to find a way to accept it for what it is.

One great practice for this, she says, is to write them a letter telling them all the things you never got to say when they were alive. You can also do your best to learn the lesson if you feel like things were left unsaid, and “as you move forward in your life, never let it get to that point again with someone you care about,” she adds.

“When these dream figures keep coming back, it brings a sense of continuity,” Ellis says, adding that at the end of life, lost loved ones often come to help ease the transition between life and death. “So while grief dreams can be painful, they often help us get through the pain of loss,” she says.

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