Sahasrara: Crown Chakra and Universal Consciousness

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You should feel good. You are meant to live as an awakened, embodied, whole version of you! Balancing the chakra system really helps us come alive again in all areas and aspects of our lives, which is why I developed Root to Rise.

The seven chakras in the body are symbolized by the petals of the lotus flower. Full unfolding of all petals achieves awakening and balance of body, mind and spirit. The Sahasrara Chakra (the seventh and final chakra) is the chakra that activates this divine universal energy.

The Sanskrit word Sahasrara means “thousand” or “infinity”. The Sahasrara Chakra is located at the top of the head and is also known as the Crown Chakra. It is the place where our individual consciousness merges with the universal consciousness.

It creates a strong connection with the higher self and is believed to affect brain functions such as memory, intelligence and sharp focus.

Balanced crown chakra (sahasrasa)

WLTV Sat Siri 7 ChakraWhen the seventh chakra is activated, it is said to bring a more positive outlook on life. In balance, it brings spiritual understanding, a sense of conscious connection, and deep peace. However, when this chakra is out of balance, we can feel disillusioned, disconnected, and restless.

Last year I coached a woman who felt she had lost touch with her highest self or greater presence. She did not believe in God, or at least in our traditional understanding of Him. But she felt she had lost touch with the universal mind, lost touch with grace and synchronicity. She explained that it was like losing her zest for life: she felt lethargic, disconnected, distracted, and alone. Even when she was around people, including her loved ones, she felt really lonely.

We worked together on meditations that affect the seventh chakra, with the third eye focus on the top of the head. She started practicing aura cleansing 54 times a day and it helped her a lot. She committed to meditating and cleansing her aura every morning for 40 days, and through this dedicated practice, she truly changed as a person. It was so wonderful to see her come back to life, to see the spark come back to her and to see the light in her eyes again.

She said it felt as if a heavy cloak had been lifted over her head and eyes. She began to open up to synchronicity again and could feel the grace around her, especially during nature walks or when watching children and babies. She again felt hope for the future.

She was proof that through awareness, effort, and practice, we really can come alive again—even when life seemed so bleak, dark, and hopeless before.

How to balance the crown chakra

If you’ve been training on my TV series Wanderlust, this latest session is the icing on the cake! Practicing the crown chakra is great for awakening and grounding the energy of the seventh chakra. Practice your crown chakra lesson, then take a free 10-minute journaling and self-reflection session:

WLTV Sat Siri Crown Chakra Magazine

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Rachel Dougherty (Sat Siri) is a pioneering new generation Kundalini yoga teacher and trainer. She travels the world teaching Kundalini Yoga in places like Bali, Maui, Mexico and India. She has been practicing yoga and meditation for over twenty years and teaching Kundalini Yoga for fourteen. She practiced Iyengar yoga, Vipassana meditation and many other methods before finding Kundalini yoga. A former ballet dancer with the Australian Ballet, Rachel found ballet meditation in movement, a creative expression that renewed her perspective with every step, turn or leap.

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