Saatva vs Avocado: What’s the Difference? Physical examination

May 19, 2023 0 Comments

When choosing between Saatva and Avocado, we recommend considering hardness, materials, and price.

Hardness: Mattress firmness is subjective, and the size and weight distribution of your body will determine how firm the mattress will be. Most experts recommend a medium firm mattress reduce back pain1, which is approximately 6 to 8 on a firmness scale of 10. Mattress firmness is objective. Your body size and sleeping position will determine how firm the mattress will be and how much it can help align your spine. Saatva and Avocado offer mattresses of different firmness levels. Some are even adjustable!

Materials: Nothing offers comfort like a mattress with a number of highly rated safety and durability certifications. Fortunately, Saatva and Avocado have titles, recognition and certifications that you can feel good about. Saatva is GOLS, GREENGUARD GOLD and eco-INSTITUT certified organic and safe and uses biodegradable materials, while avocado is GOTS, GOLS and MADE SAFEĀ® certified organic and safe. Avocado mattress materials are fully biodegradable and ethically sourced from their own farms. Saatva makes a vegan wool-free mattress. Regardless of your preference, you’ll sleep soundly without inhaling toxins from synthetic materials.

Price: When it comes to non-toxic mattresses, a higher price can mean higher quality. In the case of Saatva and Avocado, this seems to be true. The brands are comparable in price, with queen-size mattresses costing around $2,500. Both offer a year-long trial, which we (as sleep perfectionists) appreciate. The Saatva has a lifetime warranty, while the Avocado has a 25-year warranty.

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