Saatva brand review + comparison of Saatva mattress models

May 23, 2023 0 Comments

Founded in 2010, Saatva is one of the early players in the online mattress market. While many early DTC mattress brands (such as Casper and Leesa) focus on memory foam trundle beds, Saatva initially made a name for itself with its hotel-like hybrid mattress luxury.

And, yes, it comes at a slightly higher price, but the brand uses natural materials and prioritizes sustainability.

To this day, Saatva operates primarily online. However, there are several showrooms around the country where you can check out the beds before ordering. Sattva has expanded its range of mattresses to include foam beds, latex hybrids and air beds.

Stay with us, later we will talk about the features of different mattress models.

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