Reverse hair washing: how to do it correctly so that strands do not curl

May 4, 2023 0 Comments

Reverse hair washing simply involves applying conditioner before shampoo (aka the reverse order of application). “This will avoid hair that is too flat,” notes Fekkai.

Conditioner is out of the question for smooth and shiny locks, but some people find that conditioner weighs down their roots, stretches their curls, promotes build-up, or makes their hair look and feel greasy—no matter how light the product may be. In this case, it may help to change the order.

That way, your locks will still soak up all those moisturizing, hair-healthy nutrients, but the shampoo will lift at the roots and leave your scalp feeling fresh, light. If you often struggle with limp, flat locks, you’re probably a good candidate for this hack.

Some people choose to apply conditioner before shampooing to protect strands from potentially drying formulas. By providing a shield around the hair shaft, you’ll help stop shampoo from stripping strands and contributing to frizz, dryness and breakage. (Others also do this with hair oil before shampooing.) If your hair is flowing actually dry, you can even follow up with another round of conditioner after the shampoo (like a conditioner sandwich of sorts); but if volume is your main goal, you can follow the reverse order.

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