Reasons to make this soothing topical THC gel your new daily ritual

June 5, 2023 0 Comments

To better understand why THC should be part of our wellness routine, we reached out to Jesse Cather, Senior Vice President of Innovation, Research and Development at Curaleaf. “External application may be a good alternative route of administration for some people who may be less inclined to inhale or ingest cannabis. Plant Precision Relieve Topical Gel is a great choice for those looking for topical relief, and because some of it is absorbed into the bloodstream, it can also help provide systemic relief and relaxation, making it a great all-in-one option.”

Another benefit of Plant Precision Relieve Topical Gel is that it feels light on your skin, whereas many THC topicals feel heavy. THC is high lipophilic compound, that is, it has an affinity for the lipid environment and dissolves more easily in fat than in water. Because of this, many gels have difficulty penetrating beyond the watery layers of our skin. But according to Jesse Cather, senior vice president of innovation, research and development at Curaleaf, their Plant Precision Relieve Topical Gel contains food-grade ethanol and penetration enhancers. In-house proprietary research shows that these boosters help transport cannabinoids through the layers of the skin into deeper tissues and blood vessels, where they are then circulated systemically. Not only does this mean a lighter gel, it also means you’ll start to feel a soothing ‘tingle’.

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