Purple RestorePremier soft mattress review, medical review

May 18, 2023 0 Comments

Motion isolation: 5/5

I can’t say enough about the motion isolation on this mattress. When I first felt the Purple RestorePremier mattress, I thought it was too soft, but every night I slept was incredible! I tend to toss and turn a lot at night, and in the last week I’ve been on the mattress, I’ve been shocked to wake up in the same position I fell asleep in. Instead of moving around all night trying to get comfortable, it feels like the mattress actually adjusts to me.

Even when my partner and I go to bed and wake up at different times, my sleep is uninterrupted. I use the Oura ring to track my sleep and notice significantly less movement throughout the night.

Sensitivity: 4/5

Just like how we test mattresses in our studio, I used a weight to see how responsive this mattress was. This test helps determine how easy it is to change positions during the night and to get in and out of bed. When I dropped the weight, the mattress felt a little springy. It sank in a bit, but the mattress bounced back pretty quickly.

Although I didn’t move around much during the night (thank goodness!), I felt that changing positions was quite easy when testing the mattress. A hard model provides more bounce than a soft, something to keep in mind depending on what you’re looking for.

Pressure relief: 5/5

I have the mesh design to thank for this mattress’ excellent pressure relief. As soon as I lay down on the bed, I felt a sigh of relief in my back, neck and shoulders. I notice it most when I sleep on my side, but I also feel it on my back. A hybrid design with individually wrapped coils to support your body is also responsible for this.

Edge support: 4/5

This RestorePremier mattress has multiple layers that help support the edges. I lay on my side, back and stomach near the edge of the bed and felt supported in every position. I did experience a little drop when I was on my stomach, but for the most part the edge support is great.

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