What is a hard reset?

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13 Tips for Beginners • Yoga Basics

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Learning new yoga poses can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Most people choose group classes, but you can learn and practice yoga poses at home as well. Taking the time to learn poses at home makes it easier to work on your own schedule and tailor the practice to your own needs. …

9 Ways to Practice Yoga with a Beginner’s Mind • Yoga Basics

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Cultivating a beginner’s mind in yoga can be challenging, especially for those who have been practicing for a long time. We may fall into the habit of thinking we know it all or have seen it all before. Wiping the slate clean and starting over—whether it’s a new year or a new chapter in your …

11 Ways to Reboot Your Yoga Practice • Yoga Basics

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Is your yoga routine in a rut? Does it feel like you are practicing asanas without joy, curiosity, or excitement? Throughout my yoga practice, I’ve learned the importance of dedication and going with the flow, but sometimes the flow can become monotonous, boring and just blah. If your yoga practice needs a jump-start, and purchasing …

Meet the Total Reset Guide

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