New to meditation? Try Nada Yoga: Union Through Sound

May 12, 2023 0 Comments

Practice Nada Yoga with Reggie Hubbard (and his gongs) on Wanderlust TV: His new series, Nada Yoga: Union Through Sound, is a 10-part series that you can practice for free with our free 14-day trial.

I remember when I first started meditating, I had so many questions…

What if I do it wrong?

What if I can’t get my mind to stop thinking?

What should I do?

Why can’t I stop focusing on my leg falling asleep?


As a meditation teacher, I always try to offer different tips and techniques so that students can see that there are different ways to meditate and that you can use a practice that suits your practical needs. The most important thing is to take regular intervals to pause, analyze our somatic and energetic needs, and strengthen ourselves according to our compassionate request. This is what this meditation journey is all about.

At the heart of this journey is the premise that the purpose of meditation is to bring the mind into right relationship with itself—to create a sense of lightness so that awareness can expand, the mind can calm down, and we can begin to experience life with greater grace and sophistication . And this journey is based on my formal MMTCP mindfulness training with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach, which includes elements of Nada Yoga, the Yoga of Sound.

Mindfulness combines the concepts of expanding nonjudgmental awareness and love. Let’s define awareness as an aspect of consciousness that informs our human experience without judging, but simply paying attention. And let’s define love (metta) as unconditional love for self and others. The purpose of metta meditation is to awaken our connection with all life. If mindfulness is the ability to see clearly, then metta is the ability to perceive what is happening with kindness and care. Sabene Salassie compares metta to the warmth and power of the sun, which illuminates everything, thaws everything and allows us to look at things with more compassion. The heat of metta allows for repair and reconnection. Another aspect of metta to consider is that it is a response from the awakened heart—a quality of attention and insight into your needs and how to respond in light of those needs.


This insight is at the heart of my Wanderlust TV series, Nada Yoga: A 10-Part Meditation Journey. In this journey of awareness, I begin with some fundamental meditation techniques and definitions, and about halfway through the series I introduce various sounds (crystal bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, and gongs) to enhance your connection to the states of consciousness that arise when the mind calmer Nada yoga allows the mind to calm down by focusing on sound, then we can witness internal and external sounds that can range from breathing in the body, blood circulation to hearing the breeze or the sound of silence and stillness.

The series is for meditators of all levels, from those who have never meditated before, to those who meditate occasionally, to those who practice regularly. Enjoy the journey with an open mind, tell your friends about it, and most importantly, enjoy the opportunity to consciously pause for the greatest purpose: your healing and well-being.

Reggie HubbardReggie Hubbard is an internationally recognized yoga and meditation teacher and the founder and CEO of Active Peace Yoga. His yoga and meditation practice served as a sanctuary of peace and perspective as he dealt with the stresses of being a black man in the world and working hard jobs in the midst of politics. He began practicing yoga during a time of extreme emotional stress at work, and now shares his practice with all walks of life to help people navigate this thing called life more calmly and more easily.

Reggie has taught members of Congress, congressional staff, major unions, leading progressive organizations, and individuals from all walks of life simple tools to manage stress and bring peace to the mind, body, and spirit.

In addition to his yoga teaching practice, Reggie has held many leadership roles in strategy and logistics across industries ranging from global marketing, digital and community organizing, government relations, international education to presidential campaigning. He received a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Yale University and an MBA in international strategy from the Vlerick Business School in Belgium.

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