mbg body cream review and usage tips from a beauty editor

April 14, 2023 0 Comments

Product I swear by: mindbodygreen body cream. This rich formula exceeded my expectations of what a body product could do. Not only does it feel divine when I put it on my skin, but it really restores dryness within hours.

Whenever I use a body scrub, retinol serum, or chemical exfoliant on my body, my skin often turns ashy. I’ve been using high-end body lotions in the hopes that they will quickly revive a dry canvas, but more often than not I have to combine them with a body oil and apply more than once a day for noticeable results.

However, this cream is my one stop shop for night time recovery. Not only does the cream lock in moisture, I also know it can be used on my dry and sensitive skin thanks to the fragrance-free formula and rich plant oils.

I started using it twice a week after exfoliating my body and I haven’t had any ash spots since. No joke, this is my favorite body cream I’ve ever used.

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