Market Misfits Vs. Imperfect Food: Which Service Is Best?

June 19, 2023 0 Comments

When registering on Misfits Market, you will first enter your email address and create a password. You will then be taken to a page where you need to enter your full name, shipping address and phone number. Here you can leave any delivery notes, such as where you want to leave the package or whether your apartment building has a reception desk or doorman.

Information about what day Misfits Market delivers to your region will appear on the side of the screen. For my area, the delivery date is Tuesday. A quick note: Unfortunately, the day of the week you receive your delivery cannot be changed. On the other hand, the brand is doing this to limit its carbon footprint.

Based on the survey I completed, my plan started at $35 per week plus tax and shipping, but the plan is customizable. All changes, including whether I want to skip a week or change delivery details, can be made in the settings.

The next screen will ask you to enter your credit or debit card details and you will be charged for the product plan before you can browse the products and move on (I find this a little annoying). The minimum order value for Misfits Market is $25, with shipping and taxes depending on your location. If you spend over $70, you get free shipping.

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