Lunar horoscope for May 2023 from AstroTwins

May 2, 2023 0 Comments

The planet of communications and technology will remain in this lethargic state until May 14—an encouragement, if not an order, to slow down and take every step more mindfully. This can be a blessing in its own way, as we are still juxtaposing the Aries solar eclipse in April and the two major movements of the planets Saturn and Pluto in March.

Speaking of Pluto, the icy avenger will go retrograde on May 1 this year, passing through Aquarius until June 11, then dipping back into Capricorn for one of its final visits before ending its 16-year journey through the Sea Goat sphere next November.

Pluto, along with the other slow-moving outer planets (Jupiter via Pluto), retrogrades for five months each year. The influence is less visible than Mercury retrograde because the inner planets are closer to the Sun and affect our daily lives much more.

Pluto retrograde this month will help us turn the lens inward to especially explore group dynamics, technology use (perhaps reduce the ChatGPT obsession?), and social awareness—all in the realm of Aquarius.

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