Lip enhancement ingredients to avoid and use instead

June 2, 2023 0 Comments

Peppermint essential oil, phenol and camphor are three other extracts that cause a reaction (although this one causes a cooling and tingling sensation). They cause mild irritation in the area, which causes an inflammatory reaction. Hence the swelling.

As you can probably imagine, keeping your skin in a constant state of inflammation and irritation is not good for long-term health. Chronic inflammation — even micro, invisible — will slowly begin to age the skin, destroy collagen, and deplete the skin barrier. This will eventually lead to the lips not being as plump and hydrated naturally. Bottom Line: Your habit of plumping your lips can mean that your lips are becoming puffy over time.

This does not mean that you should give up lip fillers. There are many high-quality formulas and ingredients that can help add volume to this area as well as support lip health. For example, hyaluronic acid can attract and hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water, helping dry lips instantly plump up with moisture (think of how you can run a dry sponge under water and watch it fill with moisture).

The mindbodygreen lip balm formula uses sodium hyaluronate, which has a lower molecular weight and can penetrate even deeper into the skin. Then, to seal the water, it contains castor jelly, moringa seed oil, and shea butter.

The best part about this lip balm is that with regular use, your lips will look more hydrated and fuller over time, so instead of damaging the skin, it strengthens and conditions the area.

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